Optimising your motorhome’s resale value

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  1. Bella Philips says:

    Good work! I really appreciate you guys.

  2. Andrew Harcourt says:

    Another tip would be to remove the carpets we get, (they don’t in Proper Europe) and store them in your loft. Then when you sell, they will be all shiny and new and look yummy, not gummy.

  3. Andrew Harcourt says:

    I was astounded to find that on a new Fiat Ducato, the first oil change from new is supposed to be 30,000 miles! Blow that for a game of soldiers, I changed mine at 5,000. I guess the manufacturer’s figure is aimed at the normal commercial vehicle purchaser who will run the vehicle for ten hours a day, when the wear is less, so 30,000 miles would probably be covered in less than the first year. It only holds 6 litres, so it’s not even as if there is a lot of oil sloshing about to dilute the carbon deposits.

  4. peter jannece says:

    Place corrugated cardboard under the mattress to stop condensation and mould forming on the underside of mattress.

  5. Phil Stone says:

    1 use crumpled up newspaper inside fridges and freezer compartments to prevent formation of mould – it is effective
    2 Use an old toothbrush to remove the buildup of green algae around widow and door seals etc

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