Best Caravan Kitchens

Here, in a special feature, we take a look at 9 of the best caravan kitchens on today’s market.

Abbey Spectrum
Abbey Spectrum 416

Abbey Spectrum 416 – Price: £15,495

The kitchen has a dual fuel hob, oven, microwave and 107-litre fridge/freezer. It gets ample worktop and storage space. Solid build and a good specification are this kicthen’s major plus points.

Fleetwood Heritage 640E(6) – Price: £21,995

Fleetwood Heritage 640E
Fleetwood Heritage 640E

The side kitchen in this good-looking caravan has a Spinflo dual fuel cooker next to the sink and clip-on drainer. The fridge and freezer are two separate units, fitted across the way, with a built-in microwave. It gets a superb amount of worktop space and also excellent cupboard space and roof locker storage.

Adria Adiva
Adria Adiva 552PH

Adria Adiva 552PH – Price: £14,999:

This caravan’s L-shaped kitchen is an attention grabber. It looks stylish and offers a good worktop space and an oven. Cupboard storage is ample with the fridge raised with one cupboard above and another below.

Bailey Senator Louisiana – Price: £16,700

Bailey Senator Louisiana
Bailey Senator Louisiana

This caravan boasts a well-designed kitchen with superb worktop and cupboard space. It gets two decent-size roof lockers, an oven, microwave and fridge. Spacious and airy, this caravan kitchen is a real winner.

Elddis Crusader Cyclone – Price: £17,895

Elddis Crusader Cyclone
Elddis Crusader Cyclone

It may be compact but it’s certainly a well-designed L-shaped kitchen. It gets two roof lockers, a microwave and a flap that creates extra worktop space. Storage comes courtesy of several drawers and down lighting provides decent evening illumination. It’s a practical kitchen that also boasts a 150-litre Dometic fridge/freezer and a clip-on drainer.

Fleetwood Meridien 480/2
Fleetwood Meridien 480/2

Fleetwood Meridien 480/2 – Price: £13,495:

This tourer’s kitchen is split across its centre with an oven and sink situated on the nearside. There’s ample cupboard space and a microwave in the top locker – a design feature that’s one example of the kitchen‘s well-planned space.

Lunar Delta TL – Price: £18,295:

Lunar Delta TL
Lunar Delta TL

This tourer’s kitchen is practical and large and comes with a dual fuel hob, a fridge, oven and good cupboard storage. Down lighting provide a decent amount of light and the work surface is first class. There are plenty of roof lockers and the microwave gets its own compartment.

Coachman Laser 640/4 – Price: £19,140 – £19,990

Coachman Laser
Coachman Laser 640/4

The central kitchen is equipped with a full oven, fridge and separate freezer and a microwave. Although the works surface is good it does use some of the small dresser that has points and plugholes for the TV. Storage includes a wine bottle holder and a large cupboard underneath the sink. Down lighters provide good light. It gets a full oven but we’d have preferred a dual fuel hob is caravan of this type. It has a fridge with separate freezer and a microwave.

Vanmaster Occasion 620
Vanmaster Occasion 620

Vanmaster Occasion 620 – Price: £26,950 – £29,950:

The Vanmaster’s side kitchen has a good worktop, with an additional extending work surface, and a simple cupboard and drawer design. Vanmaster customers can specify exactly what kit they would like in this kitchen when ordering the caravan but storage is excellent and the kitchen’s design clever and stylish.

Source: Which Caravan Logo

Details correct at time of publication (13/07/2008) but may be subject to change.

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