A guide to buying a second hand motorhome

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  1. smeatsmeat says:

    Hello, I’m looking for advice please.

    I’m looking at buying a motorhome from a private buyer whom I do not know but am worried about handing over my cash in case they don’t hand over the keys.

    How can I buy privately and ensure I have buyer protection? Could I use a finance company and have them pay the seller directly, thus the finance company legally own the vehicle? Is there an alternate way to ensure my money isn’t stolen?

  2. Stephen Taylor says:

    Dealers in my opinion are there for one reason only. Profit. They rarely offer a decent warranty and again in my opinion offer little more than a private sale does. Whichever approach you take, do your homework.

  3. Geoff Pearce says:

    Covid really scuppered my plans for spending around £25k on a motorhome. Whilst I appreciate the information in this article it doesn’t help with my search for a two berth home where both single beds can comfortably fit both people being well in excess of 6ft. (6ft 5 in and 6ft 3ins). Unfortunately nearly all reviews fail to include any information in this respect and there are surprisingly few reviews available for 15-20 year old motorhomes. Hopefully when lockdown lifts we can start visiting vendors and ascertaining if we fit. I also have to check if I can comfortably fit behind the steering wheel with the restrictions some motorhomes have on seat travel. Best to get out there and try them for size.

  4. Terry says:

    The private sale of a well documented and cared for motor home can often outweigh purchase from a dealer.

  5. J says:

    Excellent advice.

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