Driving your motorhome or campervan in Europe after Brexit

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  1. Paul Simpson says:

    Come 2300 hrs on 31st January 2020, Our PM, Boris Johnston WILL be taking us out of the EU. WE then enter into the TRANSITION PERIOD until 31st January 2020, during which the UK & EU are supposed to be NEGOTIATING the new UK/EU trade deals. WE have been told that during this period, “everything should carry on as is now” ! ?
    So in theory, as I live in Northern Ireland, I should still be able to travel across the border to ROI, at Newry, Armagh, Enniskillen, Londonderry, or any road that crosses the border, with the same documentation as now, and that includes taking our dog with us. ( ALL of Ireland is currently Rabies free. As I would not be travelling to or from Mainland Europe before entering Southern Ireland, I should have no problems.

  2. Alex Black says:

    What happens when one can’t get health insurance? Is this the end of the EHIC?

    Big worry for us as we spend the winter in the sun normally. Big insurance premiums due to pre-existing conditions and max 30 day stays. ??

    I heard that Spain is to honor it’s agreement with the UK regarding health cover. Lots of Spanish in the UK No doubt many UK tourists don’t or can’t insure.

  3. Peter Greenwood says:

    As I am going away in Feb 2020 for 2months this information is very useful and keeps me up to date in regards to documentation etc leading to a unspoilt holiday as things are “up & down” in regards to Brexit.

  4. Martin Cheesman says:

    Thank you – – very useful. I was not aware of the need to carry an accident form – where can I can one of those please

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Martin, A European Accident Form is not compulsory, so you do not need to have one in your car.

  5. arnold geddes says:

    Thank you for the information it covers most of things i think i need to know

  6. Robert C Lindsay says:

    I have just got a green card insurance document as I am currently in Spain, however they do not tell you that you can only get a green card via the web if you are in the UK , otherwise you have to telephone them directly and it will cost you £15 UK pounds to get one sent to your address in Spain. This should be included in the information pack listed above.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Robert, a Green Card document always had to be set up and issued via the telephone, costing £15 to send to a customers UK policy address. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit we worked hard to set up a free online service to help customers go ahead with their travel plans. We are hopeful Green Cards will not be needed to travel in Europe but we are encouraging those travelling at the end of the month and in April to obtain as a precaution. We viewed this service as proactive and beneficial to our customers.

      We wouldn’t normally send a green card to an EU address, but due to the current exceptional circumstances we’ve agreed this was possible with our underwriters RSA, and the fee is to cover those administration and secure international postal costs. Our information pack has been well received by most customers and we’ve tried to keep it concise, providing two delivery options for those in the EU, one of them being free.

  7. Pat says:

    Thank-you, very informative.

  8. Fred Coote says:

    Good information. Wish I had seen this earlier.

  9. Brian says:

    Excellent information and concise if you was to travel prior to the 29 March

  10. Mike Crocker says:

    Brilliant and concise document. Thank you.

  11. Tudor Williams says:

    A very good article showing what we need todo

  12. William Ireland says:

    Good clear article. We need to be properly informed and this article does exactly that.

  13. andrew duffin says:

    i will be 76 in december when my driving licence is due for renewal but an international driving licence is for 3 years from application or until licence renewal date .so for me only 8 months as we go to france in may not very fair!

  14. Ron says:

    An excellent report with full information of requirements and even a direct link to order a green card.

  15. Allan humphreys says:

    Hi I didn’t realise that you needed separate driving permits for France and Spain until I called at the post office to get a license
    It seems strange that you need one for each country even though they are both in the EU.
    Allan Humphreys

  16. Peter Greenwood says:

    This is just the information we require in these uncertain times for a safe, and hopefully stressless holiday.

  17. Derek Baker says:

    Excellent information, covers all bases

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