Guide to buying a caravan motor mover

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  1. Margaret WORVIELL says:

    We have just purchased a caravan with a emote motor mover fitted. Is it normal that every time you change direction you have to keep switching off and start again.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Margaret
      We’ll try look into this for you.
      What make and model of mover do you have?
      Did you buy from a dealer?

  2. Jackie says:

    I find this very misleading it does not compare movers at all. You have put the new top of the range Truma one on but not their very popular range of movers which are very competitive, reliable and come with 5 year warranty. This looks more like a promotion for Powrtouch movers

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      In no way is the article a promotion for Powrtouch and we do have plans to extend the number of models featured in the future. First and foremost we wanted the blog post to introduce the top considerations when buying a caravan.motor mover.

  3. John fry says:

    The motor mover comparison table here tells you little about each mover. What is required is a technical comparison of each mover to enable potential buyers to see what really is best. As far as I am aware this comparison has never been undertaken.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the comments John. We do aim to keep evolving our blog articles so we might be able to add to this. What sort of technical details would you like to see? Thanks

  4. Geoff Gilbert says:

    My powertouch evo. is a must on muddy sites and my steep angled drive. Only problem [with either one] the rollers will not move if they have been unused for a period of time. This entails me accessing the drive spindle to free it with the tool that’s provided.

  5. Robert Danecker says:

    We had a powertouch Evolution fitted to our new swift twin axel last year as we have a shingle drive with a difficult to reverse turning circle and the powertouch makes it so easy and puts the caravan exactly where we want it ,also when we lost power to it this year an engineer was sent to repair it within days…….very impressed

  6. Erwin Williams says:

    I have had the Al-Ko Mammut mover for over 4 years now and am really impressed by its design and how well it functions and looks on the caravan, after reading your article could I just say :-
    – It is the Al-Ko chassis (from 2010 onwards) that is marked M. This chassis is manufactured with dedicated holes in it to mount the Mammut mover. The mover is designed to bolt directly to the side of the chassis using these holes thus giving a secure and strong mount, and what you see in the photo is all you see on the side of the chassis when fitted, there is no loss of ground clearance as opposed to other movers that are clamped to the bottom flange of the chassis.

    It might also have been beneficial to mention that unlike other mover installations the mammut mover is controlled completely by the remote, there is no separate mover control unit, battery cut off switch, BC charger or safety socket required.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for commenting Erwin and glad you’re impressed with this motor mover.

  7. Martin Rawlings says:

    Hi just thought I would give my feedback. My last caravan I had a power touch mover fitted and never had a issue with it, I changed my caravan last year and was looking for a new mover, i looked at tthe reviews and decided to go for the purple line classic. I purchased it from a company called Autowfix who fitted it at my address. I have been very disappointed with the purple line and the aftercare from Autowfix. I have had them back twice in the 1st 12months and have had to have the control module changed twice. The purple line you can not go forward or backwards and push the left or right button at the same time, you have to stop the forward/backward motion go left or right then forward again, with the power touch you can do this without having to stop all the time.. I do regret buying the purple line and would definitely go back to power touch after having both, a much better and smoother operation.

  8. paul denton says:

    Having had endura (purpleline) about 7years I started to have problems
    Where it just would not operate my caravan having had it all checked over to no avail,having succumbed to phoneing purple line after spending a considerable time on phone they decided to send a qualified technician to check it out having spent they managed to sort my problem out all FOC .Now 2 years on still working I to my delight and cannot speak highly enough of purple line and staff 5star company.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Glad to hear you got everything resolved Paul and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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