Keeping your caravan and motorhome weight down

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  1. Gareth Phillips says:

    Had a shock when we weighed our Pvc in full touring mode to find it was only 60kgs short of max weight. Isn’t it time someone, the insurance companies, magazines or big clubs. Weighed some real life working motorhomes and caravans, maybe at a campsite entrance or a big show entrance to demonstrate how easy it is to overload. Or at least get a realistic weight for what the average motorhomes/caravanner should add to the vehicle weight to ensure that the vehicle is safe and legal. We know one motorhomes who weighed his vehicle and had to leave his wife behind to be legal, they had the van up-plated.

  2. Simon Perry says:

    I have always wondered why a new motorhome is supplied with a 25 metre mains lead, and that you have to roll out the entire length without coils. as most sites we visit it leaves ‘metres’ of trip hazard. I wonder is a 10 metre lead the same as a 25 metre lead when it comes to electrical safety? Something I have to admit I know very little about.

  3. Brian says:

    These are lovely ideas but you’d have to save a LOT of fuel on a LOT of trips to save more than the cost of these fabulous items! But if weight is at a premium then I guess you’d need them. Often its the volume for carriage and winter storage not just the weight that’s the problem and certainly some of these save that too.

  4. Stephen Cunningham says:

    very good tips

  5. Tony Whyman says:

    I believe this is one area many caravan owners forget.
    New to caravans, certainly a good consideration when buying your van.

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