Modernise your motorhome – our 10 top tips

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  1. Alan palfrey says:

    Great info a lot to take in . But keep reading .thank you .

  2. Mark Sweeney says:

    So fed up of extremely poor radio reception decided to update whole head unit and fitted a DAB ariel and what a difference.Pioneer Avic Z720 unit with reverse camera included in package.Couldn’t get no local auto electrician to fit.Done myself, but took a week but well worth the hassle.

  3. Alan Morgan-Moodie says:

    We had our interior locker doors wrapped professionally in a gloss light cream colour. It really lightens up the interior – sometimes you can have too much ‘golden’ wood finish! We also had a carpenter re-model the join between cab and habitation. He trimmed both sides and now it almost looks like an A class.

  4. Rosemary carpenter says:

    Brilliant site but could do with lot more on tv reception which is something that causes arguments and much stress!
    Love the piece on being wrapped which is what I have always wanted to do as Motorhome manufacturers seem to be void of modern design ideas which could easily be done without going overboard on it.

  5. David Roberts says:

    Why is radio reception so awful in motorhomes, I used to have a transit panel van with perfect radio reception yet in my Peugeot Boxer motorhome the signal drops out all the time. I have fitted a small ariel to the wing but it hasn’t made a lot of difference. Has anyone solved this problem, would DAB help?

  6. John Carrick says:

    This article is very helpful, however if you have Netflix watch a programme called Marie Kondo, which is about clutter and tidiness. If you apply this principle to your compact living in your motorhome and purchase small baskets as we have done you can increase storage space by nearly 100%. We kitted out our motorhome for less than £30.00 with appropriate size of baskets.

  7. Ron Eccles says:

    What about changing cabinet doors etc. I have removed the useless grill and fitted a gloss white door. I now have a lot more storage and can even fit a toaster that actually toasts the bread. I want to swap my Tambour door for an opening solid door, but having trouble finding a supplier of gloss white board that is not 8ft x 4ft. I can get one made but it will be heavy weight chipboard. You could have listed some suppliers of furniture for those that wish to modernise the interior.

  8. Paul Horton says:

    I recognise that wrapped motorhome 😉

  9. David Martin says:

    Thought provoking and almost inspirational! Providing contact info. for potential specialist service providers is helpful. Thank you!

  10. Wayne says:

    Great suggestions – Very helpful.

  11. Michael Fogg says:

    Informative with some good suggestions and idea’s

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