Tips for staying safe on site on your motorhome or caravan holidays

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  1. Canvass camper says:

    Mostly good advice, however can I make a plea on behalf of the many who struggle to sleep under canvas due to the brightness of led awning lights left on all night on adjoining plots when no awning is attached. You have no idea how ruinous of a nights sleep this can cause. Maybe shade such lights to protect just your own pitch? Thanks for reading.

  2. Alan says:

    I agree with most of the recommendations but suspect that a lock on an awning zip suggests there is something ‘worth having’ just inside. Most thieves will have some sort of cutting tool resulting in damage to your awning zip or canvas. Better to have valuable items out of sight in a secure motorhome IMHO.

  3. Jon White says:

    Good overview. What about the spare key question? Do you have one each? Where do you leave them when on site and popping to shower etc? Taking them with you presents a risk of loss. Leaving them behind is unwise! Add a safe key and steering lock key to a bulbous remote key and the bunch isn’t small. Any thoughts?

  4. Alan Perry says:

    One inexpensive security device which works well is a Clutch Lock / Brake lock. It’s not very big but locks your clutch or brakes to stop them being depressed. Around £20 on amazon.

  5. Susan Quirke says:

    Very usefull and clear, a good reminder for new and experianced motor homers, thanks

  6. Madeleine Want says:

    Very useful, good to be reminded. Thankyou

  7. Mark Wenbourne says:

    I use a wireless pir in my caravan when it’s on the drive at home, which is linked to the main house alarm & remove it & place in a room in the house when we’re away.

  8. Mark Hanson says:

    Thankyou! Spot on!

  9. Jean Jennison says:

    All good advice

  10. Idris Dibble says:

    Very useful advice

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