What to do if you’re in a motorhome accident…

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  1. Hotcrossman says:

    Worth mentioning – always have to hand an “Accident Form”, this helps collect ALL the info required whilst both (or any party involved) are in an (understandable) stressful state. Oh,and ALWAYS take photos this helps when, and/or if, the other party claims for damage that is not part of the accident.

  2. Simon Millerick says:

    Dash cam is the way forward mine has a fixed camera to cover forward view and an additional plug in one so you can cover the rear view as well. Regards Simon

  3. Eebo says:

    If you injure any of the following animals with your vehicle then you need to report it: Horse, Cattle, Ass, Mule, Sheep, Goat, Pig, Dog. The way I remember it is by using the mnemonic: How Can A Motorist See Good People Die?

  4. Mark Tanner says:

    The reference to florescent jackets should state that enough should be on board for one each for everyone in the vehicle

  5. Thomas Cook says:

    Thank you this is some very good advice

  6. Chris LGV1 says:

    Articles very good but you have missed points from a legal point you may regret later.

    You have just been involved in an accident and your going to be stressed and probably not thinking clearly about what to do next.

    1) Keep safe

    2) Try to get photos of registrations of vehicles held up by the accident who can make a statement later. Most people are in a hurry so won’t want to be delayed any further.

    3) Buy two dash cams due to the vehicle length and visibility.

    I’m a got my LGV class one licence in 1987 aged 26, since then I have driven around 2 million miles and only ever received 5 points for one motoring offence, an accident caused by someone that caused it then fled the scene. If telematics and dash cam were available I probably would be accident free. Spend a couple of hundred quid on a dash cam and £ 40 on a digital camera. Hopefully our insurance companies will appreciate the evidence and data and our premiums can keep reasonable.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Chris – good advice. Dash cams could be useful if they capture all aspects of an accident clearly.

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