VIDEO: Motorhome security guide

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  1. Alan wilson says:

    Fantastic newsletter as usual so informative nice to understand where all the costs are being incurred, and also the extra security that’s available on the marketplace. Hopefully this makes the owners more aware they have to concentrate a little harder to if they don’t want to see vast hikes in our policy renewals

  2. John Lindon says:

    Is there a external locking system for a van conversion sliding door.

  3. Alan Duncan says:

    When fitting the brake/clutch lock i would fit it back to front to make it impossible for thieves to drill the lock out.

  4. Derek noble says:

    Very informative video

  5. Steve Barnes says:

    One point you haven’t raised as an item I have fitted to my motorhome is the hydraulic self-levelling system I leave our motorhome jacked up but I has also made a simple device to disarm the electronics to it so even if it was broken into a thief would not be able to lower the hydraulics to drive the vehicle away hope this might be of help for the ultimate people but just remember it is also very good when parking up to level the van up in no more than two minutes from arriving on site

  6. Idris dibble says:

    Very useful article with lots of good ideas. To supplement my Motorhome security I adopted an idea from the Chausson owner’s facebook site. The idea is to fit a good quality pad lock (the round high tensile stainless steel type are ideal for this) to the base of the swivel on the driver seat. Simply rotate the seat to face rear then place pad lock into pre-drilled hole. If the seat is locked facing rear and the pad lock is in a place where it would be difficult to cut with bolt choppers the vehicle can’t be driven.

  7. roger sturgeon says:

    the easyest way is through the doors you can fitt a gaurd so they carnt get in with a screwdriver you should show this fiate recagnise this happens

  8. richard Braithwaite says:

    Useful The clutch and brake is very good idea

  9. Josie sharp says:

    Just bought a steering wheel lock commercial extra long had to buy top rated for insurance purposes had all extra locks fitted on garage and habitation door and as it a 2007 transit high sercurity door lock to replace the original
    Hopefully will have peace of mind now, on a small bungalow estate so all retired and notice if you haven’t changed your socks!!

  10. Michael Fogg says:

    Sensible advice.

  11. Dave says:

    I have recently upgraded my security and added a ghost 2 immobiliser, along with a TVL pedal box and the heosolutikns internal door locks along with the Dianna safe locks in the Han doors and garage doors hopefully to help deter thieves

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