VIDEO: Tips for keeping your motorhome or caravan cool in summer

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  1. Bryan Godwin says:

    Most of your tips on keeping the Caravan/Motorhome cool in hot weather are sound and practical, but it is totally wrong to close the skylights and draw the blind across. This will lead to overheating between the blind and plastic skylight and could cause the plastic to crack. Just open the skylight a little to disperse the heat. Never open the skylight fully just in case you forget to close it and the wind gets up and snaps the skylight off.

  2. Dave says:

    Just remember that while “It is not illegal as such to leave a dog in a hot car/vehicle, owners are legally responsible for their pet’s health and welfare. If a dog became ill or sadly died due to being left in a hot car, owners could be charged with the offence of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. This could lead to a prison sentence and/or a fine.”(taken from PDSA site) There’s also the potential that a member of the public suspecting an animal is in a vehicle unattended during hot weather either takes it into their own hands to “save” the animal potentially causing criminal damage or at least alerts relevant authorities to the animals plight? Much safer for everyone to never leave animals alone in vehicles even when you might think they are safe??

  3. A.Flesher says:

    It is not recommended to fully close window blinds on hot sunny days as this reflects incoming heat back into the window itself and can cause the windows to overheat and break or crack. Swift include this in their caravan manuals – where they recommend leaving the top of the blind open a little to allow any build up of heat to escape (sadly, this generally means into the caravan – but much better than having to replace sealed window units (which are not easy to obtain and might also give rise to an insurance claim).


    All good info – well presented. It would be helpful with all gadget tips if you can feature 12 volt powered capability. When off-grid, with or without solar panel, gadgets are powered through the leisure battery so life revolves around 12 volt.

  5. David Hassett says:

    Very informative; not all motorhomers use an external awning, which has a habit of being a bit of a ‘cooker’, so fans/evaporative cooling units would tend to be a must, but it’s a question as to how much storage space you have for all this “gubbins”. We follow all the tips for our smallish MH and for when doggy is left – for short spaces of time, we have USB rechargeable fans which we leave on, and make sure we park in shady areas. Also, doggy vests are available for all sorts of sizes of doggies which can be soaked & wrung out in cold water, and in very hot weather can be put in the fridge for greater cooling effect.

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