Common caravan insurance claims

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  1. Paul Clarkw says:

    With regard to the section relating to having the caravan serviced, we did. At the next service we found a shock absorber placed inside the van. When queried were told it was found swinging on one fixing and anyway, most caravans don’t have shock absorbers. I’m not going into the verbal exchange, but even having annual services with The Main Dealer means nothing

  2. andrew jackson says:

    I also think that having your wheels balanced is vital , caravan manufactures do not balance wheels i can not understand why ?.When a wheel is not balanced the vibration goes into the caravan shacking everything loose and also not doing a lot of good to the bearings and chassis also this vibration can loosen wheel nuts , for the sake of a price of balancing the wheels ,you have peace of mind, after all you have your car wheels balanced. You may not think because the caravan only has the max speed of 60mph it will not be effected, but it does.

  3. Mike pocknell says:

    I experienced only last week on the M1, violent jack-knifing whilst avoiding a car turning into my lane while I was overtaking an h g v. The car concerned was turning into my lane, I assume not realising I was entering the same lane. I had to swerve to miss her and brake to miss the hgv. I could feel my Volvo being lifted.
    I am very grateful for Alko anti-sway system. Thank you Bailey.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sounds like a very lucky escape Mike. Good to hear your safety system worked well and kept you out of harm’s way.

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